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Never Thought I'd See That!

Meggn worked with my son’s rescue dog for two weeks daily. Buddy is around 5 yrs old they believe and has lots of anxiety and no manners. Would try to run away every time you opened the door. She taught him all the manners and how to be OFF LEASH!!!! Never thought I’d see that! She worked with us so we could continue her training. Brought tears after we saw his transformation. He was always a love but now he’s a well mannered love! Thanks Meggn for all your care and help!
Gail M.   // Verified Facebook Review

A Miracle Worker

Our Bathsheba, a one year old mix, was high energy and appeared to have some aggression toward other animals. She was constantly pulling on the leash when she was walked. Found Off Leash K9 Training online and after viewing many of their YouTube videos, we knew we had found the right place for Sheba. What Ron has accomplished with Bathsheba is incredible. She has been home for a week now, and she is a different dog. She listens, she is controllable, and she is very happy.

Ron truly is a miracle worker. I can not recommend Ron Swart and Off Leash K9 Training enough. For a lifetime of happiness with our dog, the money was definitely well spent.

Donald R.  // Verified Facebook Review

We Couldn't be Happier!

We just picked up our 14-month old German Shepherd, Stella, who just completed her 2-week board and train with Ron at Off Leash K9 and we couldn’t be happier. Ron was gracious enough to work with Stella over the Thanksgiving holiday, providing us with video updates on her progress throughout her training. We are amazed with her newly taught door manners, recall, attentiveness and not to mention she is no longer jumping on everyone when greeted. I would highly recommend Ron and Off Leash K9 as he/they totally exceeded our expectations.

Michael O.  // Verified Facebook Review

A Real Dog Whisperer!

Purchased package of 8 lessons with Meggn at Off Leash K9 Training in Port St. Lucie for our 5 month old Yellow Lab, Lucy. We have completed 5 or 6 lessons so far and I can only say that Meggn is truly amazing…a real dog whisperer! With Meggn’s guidance, the past 3 lessons have all been conducted in public in front of large crowds of people with lots of dogs and kids as distractions and Lucy has performed magnificently. Meggn has posted a video of Lucy and me on Facebook. Check it out. Lucy is now 6 months old and sits, lays down, stays down at a distance until released, comes, and goes to “place” on command. I would never have thought it possible for a rambunctious puppy to achieve this level of consistent performance but seeing is believing. I could not be happier. Meggn is the real deal and I strongly recommend her!

James V.  // Verified Google Review

A True Joy to Have in the House!

Ron has been awesome with our Cocker. We had some possession aggressive issues with him and in a matter of two weeks the issued has been eliminated.

I’d addition our dog is now trained in several commands like “lets go”…”Heel”…”Come”…”Place”…and most importantly “Release”…which he now drops an item upon request without incident.

He is now a true joy to have in the house.


Dennis K.  // Verified Google Review

Dogs are Happier & Medication free

Ron worked with my 5 and 3 year old Yorkies in the 2 week board and train program and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do this. Prior to training my dogs were aggressive, suffered separation anxiety and were medicated for it, and were overall scared and anxious. Throughout training, Ron sent me pictures, videos, and text messages updating me on their progress. He kept me informed and I appreciate the time he took to do this each day. At the end of training, Ron walked me through, step by step, on how to work with and continue training my dogs. My dogs are happier, medication free, and enjoying life now. Thank you Ron and Off Leash K9 Training!
Ashley S.   // Verified Review

Huge Difference!

Off Leash K9 has made a huge difference in our golden doodle’s behavior. The one thing that I can’t stress enough is that you need to continue working with your dog once you get home. Two weeks with Ron deliver remarkable results, but you must continue working with and loving on your dog. Also, Ron provides excellent support if you experience any set backs with your pup. Take his advice, it makes a world of difference.
Eddie & Shirley W.  // Verified Facebook Review

part of the Family!

My dog, Gibson, was a participant of the two week board and train. I cannot put into words how amazing Ron is-he sent me pictures and videos every day of Gibson’s progress-which I must say he always looked happy and having fun. Ron was quick to assure this nervous fur mom that her baby was doing well. I would highly recommend Ron and Off Leash K9 to anyone and their baby! Money well spent! P.S. The amazing attention keeps going even after Gibson is home as Ron has been quick to help me trouble shoot a few things once we got home. Gibson was not a client, he was truly a part of Ron’s family for two weeks! Thank You!

Rachel M.   // Verified Facebook Review


Ron is a miracle worker. We have 2 Cockapoo 5-month old puppies that have been transformed into such wonderful members of our family. We would give him 10 stars if that was an option!
Glen M.  // Verified Facebook Review

Saved Our Relationship!

Ron was an outstanding trainer for our Malinois. We rescued her from the Humane Society and I wasn’t sure she was salvageable after damaging our lanai and having no house manners, counter surfing, up on the furniture etc. I can say that we had that corrected in one session. It literally saved our relationship with Raven and she is the best dog now. I’m so thankful that we pulled the trigger and got an education from Ron about how to train our dog. He’s spot on and we have a wonderful dog now. We did the basic obedience and it was well worth it! Check out the videos, they speak for themselves.
Dustin D.   // Verified Facebook Review

New & Improved Family Member!

Words can not explain our appreciation for the training our dog Samson, received from Ron! We dropped off a 9 month old, unruly, high spirited, play biting, leap up on grandma, Puppy! Two weeks later, after watching daily videos of his progress, we attended a three hour training session to fine tune the skills and incorporate them into our family life, with our New and Improved family member! We would recommend with the upmost sincerity, this training course to any family to greatly enhance the self confidence of the dog, and the master. This transformation not only gave us confidence in Samson, but gave Samson confidence in himself. 5 stars for our trainer, Ron. 5 stars for Off Leash. 5 stars for Samson (Grandma approved)! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Phyllis R.  // Verified Facebook Review

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