A lot of people get confused and are often misinformed regarding Service and/or Therapy Dogs. Our Orlando dog trainers are asked each and every week if we provide Service and Therapy dog training in Orlando, FL. To answer the question, yes we do! We offer a Therapy Dog Development Program which will evaluate, train, and certify your dog to become a Therapy Dog! We do not offer certification for Service Dogs, however, we do provide the required obedience training. Let me elaborate.

What is a Therapy Dog? A Therapy Dog is a dog that has a very gentle and calm demeanor. Therapy Dogs are often used to visit Children’s Hospitals and Senior Citizen Homes. Therapy Dogs are friendly, wholesome dogs that lift peoples spirits and are a pleasure to be around. Therapy Dogs are often confused with Service Dogs, but they do not warrant the same privileges as Service Dogs. For example, Therapy Dogs are usually not allowed in restaurants, airports, etc. Whereas Service Dogs are.

What is a Service Dog? A Service Dog is a dog that performs a task for its owner. An example would be a “seeing eye dog” or a “diabetic alert dog”. Service Dogs are granted permission to go anywhere and everywhere with their owner. You have probably seen Service Dogs on airplanes, in restaurants, at shopping centers, etc. Once again, Service Dogs are trained to perform specific tasks for their owner.