Almost everyday we get asked about dog aggression here in Orlando, Florida. We train over 50 dogs each week, and many of our clients were deemed “aggressive” before training. “Aggression” is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit within the dog community.


When a client tells us they have an aggressive dog we always ask how severe the aggressive incidents were. Most of the time our clients say nothing serious happened, but they are worried that something bad MIGHT happen (most of the time this is a handler problem, not an aggression issue). If, in fact, there IS an incident, we always ask how severe the incident was. We want to know how many dogs/people had to seek medical care after the incident and how expensive the care was. This can tell us a lot about the dog!


If your dog has been in a “dog fight”, or has “attacked” another dog, I would ask:

-Did both dogs have to seek medical care from a vet?

-Was the vet bill over $1,000?


If the answer was “no” to both questions, I would generally say your dog is not aggressive.


People do not realize how easy it is for a dog to do damage! If a dog is truly aggressive, they would absolutely inflict serious damage. That’s why we ask the two questions above; if the answer is “no”, it usually means the dog was displaying restraint and bite inhibition (something an aggressive dog would NOT do). With this being said, it does not mean your previously thought “aggressive” dog is an angel; it means there is probably a lack of structure and leadership within the dog’s household causing the dog to react in a negative manner.


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